Melanoma: Prevention, Detection, and Treatment by Professor Catherine M. Poole

Melanoma: Prevention, Detection, and Treatment

Title of books: Melanoma: Prevention, Detection, and Treatment
File name: melanoma-prevention-detection-and-treatment.pdf
Author: Professor Catherine M. Poole
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300073623

Professor Catherine M. Poole with Melanoma: Prevention, Detection, and Treatment

Melanoma, a dangerous and potentially lethal form of skin cancer, is on the rise. Yet melanoma is readily detectable and curable in its early stages, and it is a disease that often can be prevented by avoiding excessive sun exposure. This text is a complete guide to melanoma for anyone newly diagnozed with this disease and for others who are concerned about detecting and preventing it. Featuring colour photographs that show normal and malignant spots on the skin, and medical information on getting proper treatment and lowering the risk of developing the disease, the book is filled with facts that can save lives. Health writer Catherine M. Poole, also a melanoma survivor, teams up with world-renowned melanoma expert Dr. DuPont Guerry IV to provide practical advice for patients, their families and their health care providers. Readers should find in this book the answers to such important questions as: what do early and late melanoma look like?; when is a mole a problem?; is sunscreen the best way to prevent melanoma?; who is most likely to get melanoma?; what does the pathology report on a biopsy mean?; are there different treatments? which is most effective?; is there hope when melanoma has spread within the body? ; and where can accurate melanoma information be found on the Internet?.