Stretching: 30th Anniversary Edition by Bob Anderson

Stretching: 30th Anniversary Edition

Title of books: Stretching: 30th Anniversary Edition
File name: stretching-30th-anniversary-edition.pdf
Author: Bob Anderson
Publisher: Shelter Publications
ISBN: 0936070463

Bob Anderson with Stretching: 30th Anniversary Edition

This is the book that people tell their friends about, that trainers suggest for virtually every sport and activity, and that medical professionals recommend to people just starting to get back in shape. Stretching first appeared in 1980 as a new generation of Americans became committed to running, cycling, aerobic training, and workouts in the gym all of which are commonplace now.

It features stretching routines specific to a variety of people, including sports enthusiasts, travelers, children, gardeners, and people in wheelchairs. There is also an abbreviated version of each routine for people in a hurry, new information on the stretching vs. warming up debate, and new and improved drawings. This 30th anniversary edition features two-color inks to better define the muscle groups helped by each stretching exercise. A new section focuses on office fitness exercises, helpful for both home and office computer users.