BLACK SALVE Skin Cancer Alternative by Mr. Peter

BLACK SALVE Skin Cancer Alternative

Title of books: BLACK SALVE Skin Cancer Alternative
File name: black-salve-skin-cancer-alternative.pdf
Author: Mr. Peter
Release date: February 7, 2013

Mr. Peter with BLACK SALVE Skin Cancer Alternative

This is a book that I wish I did not have a reason to put together. I prepared this material for you in the hopes that it will be beneficial for those dealing with similar issues. After suffering through every imaginable conventional skin treat treatment decades, I was seeking alternatives. This book was put together for those who have already heard of Black Salve and are looking for additional usage data. It is a photographic record of user applying Black Salve to Skin Conditions believed to be Basal Cancer based upon the user's long history of dealing with these afflictions. Three examples are provided in the original text with skin condition shown during and after the application of Black Salve. Given the documented results, it will hopefully provide food for thought for those considering alternatives.
After enjoying every treatment offered by the medical community over the years, I was obligated to share the documentation with those open to alternative possibilities. If plant extracts work where you can see the results, perhaps there is additional merit to be considered for other (internal plant based) applications? (Hint, this did work for me but that is the subject of a long and yet to be published journey.)
Subsequent to the initial use of Black Salve, I employed an alternative technique available in Europe using a naturally prepared extract followed by Laser treatment. Based upon both my experience and others, it is a very effective alternative to treatments.
UPDATE: Some areas treated conventionally reappeared after many years. This volume is expanded and shows the results obtained using an alternative sourcing for the Black Salve. Same great results.
BONUS: My experience with non conventional for non-cancerous skin issues.

DISCLAIMER: The intent is to provide the reviewer with usage documentation. No medical personnel or tests involved and no product endorsed or recommended. Usage not recommended or implied. Professional medical input absolutely necessary. Graphic imaging presented.
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